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But it’s still by far his best post-Oasis work, an album which doesn’t try to challenge that heritage, but strikes out to explore new territory.

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‘Love is this ever-changing thing, sometimes you grow out of it, sometimes into it. And the one thing that everyone keeps looking for, longing for, as one of the key essences in life’ “I never thought about Bjork in that way,” he says.

“I’ve always seen her as this perfect combination of pop music and art that everyone wants to be like.

There seemed to be no reaction at the time but condemnation was swift on China's hyperactive and often nationalistic internet bulletin boards and blogs."If she wants to be political, please go home and mind her own business, please don't buzz about other country's inner affairs," wrote one contributor on the English-language "It was obviously arranged in advance," wrote another on the popular Tianya forum.

Last month, Bjork had an invitation to perform in Serbia dropped after she used the same song to welcome Kosovo's declaration of independence at a concert in Japan.

It covers everything from how to get started to proper profile and messaging etiquette in today’s online dating world.