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In 1908 it was turned over to his sister’s husband and Hasui, at age twenty-six, was able to devote himself to a career in art.

He subsequently studied under the Western-style artist Okada Saburosuke (1869-1939) of the Hakubakai or White Horse Society, and later under the Japanese-style artist Kaburagi Kiyokata.

These transcended anything achieved before in color woodblock printing.

He later recalled “In my earlier works there are novel expressions in carving line and forms: the artisans used to complain.” Hasui was familiar enough with carving, however, to believe it was possible for carvers to prepare the required blocks.

His publisher, , recognized the enormous potential of the American market, which resulted in Hasui's prints fetching high prices at auctions in New York as early as the 1920s.