Dating vintage ibanez guitars

The newer Ibanez models began incorporating more modern elements into their design such as radical body shapes, slimmer necks, 2-octave fingerboards, slim pointed headstocks, higher-output electronics, humbucker/single-coil/humbucker (H/S/H) pickup configurations, locking tremolo bridges and different finishes. Custom series are the most exclusive and high-end custom shop guitars Ibanez offers.

They are "Envisioned to be the finest Japanese-made guitar in history".

The arched top allows for added comfort while playing the guitar.

The RGD features a 26.5" scale which allows for lower than standard guitar tuning while retaining standard string tension without use of thicker gauge strings.

Hoshino was producing their original Artist models from 1974, introducing a set-neck model in 1975.

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