Online dating when to ask for a second date

Below are some "rules" that men will find are not overly difficult to follow, and that show consideration for the women they're dating.Rule #1 – Call Within 24 Hours If you plan to ask her out for another date, it's best to call within 24 hours, and certainly not more than 48 hours after your date ends.Most women expect to hear from their date within the following day or two.

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It’s a bit of a challenge to ask a woman face to face, before she’s really digested how she feels about you, whether she would like to go out again.

We live in a society where women are supposed to acquiesce to men and make them feel comfortable in social situations, so you’re could get a lot of false positives just to avoid making you feel bad.

Follow this timetable whether you're enthusiastic about asking her out again, or have to be persuaded to ask her out again, or had second thoughts after you told her you would call.

Remember that she's waiting, and she doesn't know whether you're planning to call again.

You also have to consider that there are a lot of aggressive and unstable guys out there, and women risk witnessing a tantrum or even verbal or physical assault when they upset a man they don’t know, so there’s a real incentive to avoid conflict.