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Springtrap can be seen here, standing either to the far left of the camera or in the bottom right-hand corner of the room.

CAM 03 is an end corner of a hallway on the east side of the map. This end of the hallway is illuminated by a red light. Papers/articles are seen hung on the walls, along with drawings of BB and The Puppet. The floor and sections of the walls have the black and white checkered-tile pattern found throughout the rest of the building.

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NSE Strategic Investment Corporation (45%), HDFC group (20%) and founder V Shankar-led Acsys Investments (35%) together own the two-decade-old CAMS, which offers services to 15 top mutual funds managing 60% of the total industry assets in excess of Rs 21.4 lakh crore ($331 billion).

The domestic mutual fund industry has stayed buoyant in recent quarters with the year-to-date net inflows till October at nearly Rs 5 lakh crore, translating into a 30% yearly growth rate.

The company has expanded services to include banks, insurance and microfinance companies in recent years.

NSE and other shareholders are likely to sell 45% initially and decide on divesting majority shares only after Sebi comes up with guidelines on private equity ownership.

We also have other office cams that are mounted to the ceiling. In order to see your webcam easily over the Internet, you will need to create an account with us.

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    School itself is incredibly fast-paced, and that urgency spills into your social life.

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    In a similar way, Coco Noir has it all, without screaming it’s presence. My only complaint is its average sillage and longevity, otherwise it’s beautiful. It's still a lovely fragrance, just not what I was expecting, given the name. :) I'm using the second 100ml bottle & also have the 35ml version (in the purse). I am going through a big pile of gifted samples and Coco Noir is one of them. I am not as enamoured by the brand as so many people are (though I do love ol' Karl). If you Luke the scent but not the fleeting quality of Coco Noir give Chance a try.

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    Upon request, we can screen for genetic abnormalities such as Down's syndrome (one "extra" chromosome 21), Turner's syndrome (the absence of one of the two "X" chromosomes normally found in a female), and Kleinfelter's syndrome (a male with one "Y" chromosome and 2 "X" chromosomes instead of the normally found single "X" chromosome).